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How Does LinkedIn Marketing Work?

With a membership of more than half a billion people, LinkedIn might be a few paces behind some of the other social networks, but it’s the only one that caters to a professional audience. This makes it a great marketing tool for healthcare organizations, enabling them to move beyond traditional tactics, and connect with practices and consumers to build credibility and a stronger brand.

Apart from the standard company page option, here are some of the ways LinkedIn marketing works to achieve this.

Group Engagement

LinkedIn’s Groups feature provides community forums for healthcare practitioners in specific fields to connect, discuss issues and concerns ask and answer questions. This allows you to get visibility for your brand in an informal, informative fashion, and to make contact with potential employees, vendors and clients. As long as you avoid being noticeably promotional, it’s like networking at a live event populated by people with an interest in your services. It doesn’t get much better than that, which is probably why the Groups feature is so exceptionally popular.

Showcase Your Brand

For large healthcare companies with multiple products, services or brands, showcase pages enable better targeting. You can create an unlimited number of these pages, audiences can subscribe to and follow them, and receive news feed updates on the information they want. This helps marketers to reach specific audience groups, for example, registered nurses or physicians’ assistants. By placing some paid ads, you can increase the number of followers on a page to ensure you get the widest possible coverage for your ad spend.

Write Influencer Articles

LinkedIn’s blogging option launched in 2014 now makes it possible for anyone to become an influencer. For healthcare professionals, this is an exceptional opportunity to become known in your industry, to publish on your areas of specialization and to increase awareness of your brand. Whether you’re in the market for hospital patients (B2C) or aiming to partner with companies to offer employee benefits (B2B) building a personal profile as an authority will help you make inroads in places you might not otherwise reach.

Use Sales Navigator

Make use of the platform’s rich business database to identify your ideal client, and connect with them using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator product. The Navigator has helpful tools and features, such as the ability to import leads and target companies, job functions, geographical regions or accounts and recommend potential prospects. With sophisticated search filters, you can refine your results, get introductions, make contact, tag and track prospects and develop a business relationship.

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