How Google+ Will Affect Search

Last week, we looked at the benefits of Google+, Google’s new social network, and how it will change communication on the web and affect healthcare marketing.  Today, let’s take it a step further and see how a Google+ business page will affect search.

Google is the most-visited website and biggest search engine in the world. As a result of Google+’s social network, Google will be able to improve its search engine results pages through the enhanced information it can to collect from your social circle. Through Google+, Google will be able to understand faster than ever before what people are interested in.

Another benefit that Google+ brings to search is that results become much harder to cheat. Google can now more easily police spammers by watching how users try to influence search results. When Google sees a profile that only shares and votes for things on one website, it knows who to target as a spammer. If it sees profiles dominated exclusively by +1s, it might get suspicious. If you spam votes, Google will discount the value of those votes, and in turn decrease your ranking on the search engine results page.

Last, the +1 button you’re starting to see around the web (both on Google and on other websites) is changing how websites are getting traffic.  The +1 button, Google’s response to the Facebook “Like” button, is a way for people to decide what’s relevant online, in this case on Search.  The more people who click the button (or essentially endorse/vote for the page), the greater the chance the page will show up higher on Google’s search engine results page.

One of the biggest attributes to SEO success is the click-through rate – how often people who see you on their results page actually click on your page in the results. One of the powerful ideas behind the +1 votes is that you can see certain results that are extremely popular without even having to do anything. If enough other people in your Google+ social network find particular information helpful and the site receives enough votes, this type of information will start to become available without even having to click on the link.

Google+ is simply not just like any social network out there. It has the power to affect our search habits, and the search engine giant is not afraid to use that to its advantage to penetrate the social media space. A properly optimized Google+ page can make a difference in helping a person decide to use your product or service or not.

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