How Meetup Can Magnify Your Hospital’s Public Presence

Looking to maximize exposure for a signature procedure your facility is performing? Trying to alert the local community about a special service you provide?  Attempting to increase awareness for a local charity you sponsor? Meetup is a superlative marketing venue that places you directly in front an interested, involved audience.

Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups — and it’s an affordable tool, costing as little a $12/month. The Meetup website makes it easy to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face in the community. Meetups exist for every interest — including medicine.

Here are a few ways a healthcare Meetup can work for you:

  • Through Meetup, you can partner with a local restaurant or social venue, like a comedy club, then let the local community know that a portion of the proceeds spent at the Meetup will be used for research in an area of particular community concern, like cancer.
  • Organizing a Meetup at your healthcare facility or another centralized location such as the local library is an ideal way to explain the benefits of an alternate therapy you offer. Simply create a town-hall forum to create a live, realtime Q&A.
  • Producing a Wellness Meetup every three months at a participating local government office helps you provide your neighbors with free blood pressure screenings, flu shots or other wellness services they need. The outreach will provide serious positive PR for your facility.

Meetups are a simple, socially beneficial, inexpensive way to generate exposure.  Leave your mark on the community and give your company the necessary publicity to attract new clientele and reinforce existing allegiances.

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