How to Convert More Customers Using Psychology

Today’s consumers have an unprecedented number of options regarding where and how they access information — and the world of healthcare is no exception. Given the current digital climate, your website will likely be the top factor that influences conversion. Don’t let your viewers down: Create a memorable and engaging online experience that will inspire confidence in your brand.

An optimized website is key: attention spans are low, and if viewers can’t find what they are looking for quickly, they will most likely jump right over to a competitor’s site. Time is definitely of the essence.

Here are some general research facts regarding basic site design and human psychology:

  • “Above the Fold” is a relevant designation digitally. No matter how adaptive your website is for different platforms (laptop, smartphone, smart TV, tablet, etc.), Web users spend the bulk of their time looking at information that’s visible when they first land. This division of real estate is called “the fold” and is an obvious relic of print culture.  Folds differ depending on the device being utilized: think the placement of content through as you tailor information to these various channels.
  • Left beats right. Research also has shown that users spend over two-thirds of their time reading the left half of the website. A call-to-action such as a phone number or registration button should definitely be placed to the left of the page, not the right.
  • Web users read little more than 20 percent of the words on a webpage during an average visit. Choosing clear, concise language that pops is essential.
  • Viewers want credibility and they want facts, so don’t feed them a patronizing sales pitch. Exaggerations will turn viewers off and make them bounce to another page.

And remember, A/B testing should always be conducted, since you’ll want to track how a device impacts decision-making along with the kinds of behavior your content triggers in consumers. Don’t make assumptions: tools like Google Analytics and others can help take the guesswork out of the process.

The Web is noisy: an expertly researched, planned and executed website is indispensable. Wax Custom Communications can help you custom-tailor a digital plan for your facility. Contact 305-350-5700, or visit

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