How to Develop Tweets That Will Get Consumers Chirping

Twitter is a phenomenal social networking tool — useful for goals beyond following celebrities or communicating with friends.  That’s because the social media sensation is the perfect platform for keeping up with locals in your area, staying abreast of industry trends and creating the exposure that is central to brand propagation.

So how do you stand out in a forum in which participants each have an average of 208 followers?  To stay on top of your game, you have to provide content that differentiates itself from background noise.

Here are three tempting tweets that will absorb attention and give your brand a boost:

  • The Neat Tweet: Providing a simple solution to a popular problem gives readers a sense of completeness and is the fast track to getting retweeted.  For example, the hot healthcare topic today is clearly Ebola.  People are fixated, yet few know anything substantial about it.  Creating a cluster of tweets that explains how the disease is transmitted or identifies top symptoms will surely amplify your fan base by making you a solid information source in a time of confusion and misinformation.
  • The Concrete Tweet: People are always intrigued by facts and numbers. Tweet something statistical that will engage your followers and spur them to leave Twitter to read more on your blog or website.  As a prime instance: the Facebook organ transplant.  Yes, the social media site now allows people to enroll as organ donors via a partnership with Donate Life America — why not make yourself the source of this knowledge for your followers so they can in turn share it with their followers, expanding your reach that much further?
  • The Sweet Tweet: Modern life is bursting with stressors.  Use a hashtagged day like #MotivationMonday or #WordsOfWisdomWednesday to circulate inspirational content and create the expectation of more to come.   People like to be reassured and comforted: it fills a psychological void.  Satisfy this need, and your wisdom will be remembered — and passed along.

A single tweet can only include up to 140 characters, so keep your message to the point.  The more retweets and followers you accumulate, the better the chances your ROI will increase: the Twittersphere is your golden opportunity in this age of quantifiable popularity.

For a complete Twitter strategy for your business, including tips on writing concise, insightful tweets that pack a punch, contact Wax Custom Communications today at 305-350-5700, or visit

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