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social media criticism

How to Handle Social Media Criticism

In today’s digital world, everyone has a voice and everyone has an opinion.

While some of your social media followers may praise or thank you for the services you provide, there are always those consumers who will have something not so nice to say about you. For healthcare providers, poor reviews can be especially impactful, as 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

And in the health industry, those negative reviews can have a ripple effect. As a marketing and PR team there are a variety of actions you can take to help overcome these criticisms, even if they aren’t accurate.

  1. Rise above it. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to change every person’s mind. Keep a positive attitude and resist the urge to argue.
  1. Stay data focused. If you do decide to pursue a conversation, always be professional and stick with the facts. A fair and factual response will resonate with most others reading the review and comments.
  1. Remain diplomatic. In most cases, the person making the comments is not talking about your organization as a whole but someone on your team. Remain neutral by taking the emotions out of the discussion. By following this diplomatic approach, you will hopefully shift their mindset – which in many circumstances can help rectify the situation.

For additional tips and best practices on how your healthcare facility or hospital should handle criticism on social media, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.