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How to Use Instagram Video in Healthcare

You may have heard that the popular photo sharing application Instagram has announced new video-sharing capabilities. Similar to Twitter’s Vine application, Instagram video offers plenty of opportunities for all marketers, including those in healthcare.

instagram-videoUnlike Vine, which allows for six-second videos, Instagram videos are 15 seconds long. That’s a lot more real estate to work with to get a meaningful message across. Instagram video also features unique filters, so you can make your videos stand out from the crowd. The app also includes a stabilization feature called “Cinema” to eliminate those shaky handheld shots.

Here are a few ways Instagram video can be added into your marketing mix:

  • Healthcare providers can now show more about themselves in a video CV. With Vine they may only be able to get out their name and specialty. With Instagram Video they can include more info on their background and experience for patients and other viewers.
  • A hospital can use Instagram video to provide a short virtual tour of an examination or operating room. Showing the facility and instruments ahead of time can be comforting and informative for potential patients.
  • An Instagram video is also a great way to show how the hospital is helping the local community. For example – filming a blood drive, a wellness run or a fun charity event.

What makes Instagram video so great is that videos can be created and uploaded in near to real time. With the touch of a few buttons, your video can instantly be seen all over the world, creating immediate buzz for your hospital or healthcare facility. No fancy video equipment or software is required – simply a smartphone and a connection to the web will do the trick.

For more information and other ideas on how Instagram video can benefit your hospital or healthcare facility contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com.