How to Use Videos to Market Your Hospital

According to a recent survey, hospitals rank online video as the most effective social media platform (33.7%). Video ranked even higher than the hugely popular Facebook and Twitter. So why do you think videos make for the top hospital marketing tool in the social hemisphere?

The Visual Factor. By showcasing your hospital in a real-life setting, potential patients can see firsthand how the hospital operates and get comfortable with the facility before they actually get there. Patient and family can see the type of equipment and instruments the facility uses and the staff who will be overseeing them.

The Audio Factor. Let viewers hear your doctors, nurses and staff, and especially other patients, to give them an even greater comfort level to patients and their family.

So you know you need to create a video. How do you go about making one? You don’t need a Hollywood producer and director when creating good online video content. Instead, round up a good quality camera along with a professional microphone and a friendly, smiling, intelligent staff and willing patients. Make sure everyone signs a release ahead of time.

You might consider giving a tour of the emergency room, the waiting area and an operating room. Give viewers the visual comfort that this is the hospital where they want their procedure done.

Another idea is an interview-style video that spotlights new physicians and why they practice at your hospital. Get testimonials from existing patients about why they chose your hospital. Hearing from people who are involved in the hospital’s day-to-day operations is much better than hiring actors.

Now that you have some videos, the first place you want to upload them is on YouTube, the #2 search engine in the world and the top free video-sharing site on the web. Create a channel, brand it with your colors and logo, give your video a description, add keywords and upload your videos. You can also post videos to your Facebook page and website.

Today, people respect honest information from their peers. By creating and featuring real-people videos of your hospital and posting them on sites such as YouTube, prospective patients will feel more reassured about using your hospital for all their medical needs.

– Mike Sherman

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