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If You’re Not on Google, You Don’t Exist: The Value of Google My Business

Dr. Google is in the house! Or maybe not … Healthcare practitioners often dismiss patients’ online research attempts, but 2015 statistics from Google show one in every 20 online searches targets health-related information.

Another study shows physicians are more effective at delivering accurate diagnoses than apps, with a ratio of 84 percent to 51 percent. The fact that users take the time to search for information confirms the importance of having a Google business listing.

The Purpose of Google Listings

For most consumers, finding a new healthcare provider takes research. This begins with asking family and friends for referrals, then progresses to investigating recommended practices. Often, the person providing the recommendation doesn’t have brochures available or know the domain or website address of the provider, so without a listing on Google, your practice is unlikely to be found.

In other instances, customers search for a provider specializing in a particular condition. But even if your practice is listed with a national association, patients won’t find more than basic contact information.

A Google business listing, however, enables you to develop a strong online presence that provides valuable information about your services, as well as location, directions, contact information, reviews and testimonials, and a link to your website.

The Easiest Way to Start

Multiple methods exist for improving your ranking in search, but if you’re just beginning to build your online presence, a Google business listing is by far the simplest and cheapest way to start. Creating the listing is easy enough, and you can follow the steps here. There’s little value in doing so, however, unless you have an effective website for your practice — one with quality content and active social media profiles on which to promote it.

The Value of Being Found

A primary benefit of your Google business listing is the ability to customize it for local users, with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques aimed at attracting people living within a few miles of your location.

To build up your credibility and reputation, it helps for searchers to find evidence of your specialties and expertise online, too, and Google is more likely to show you organically in search results if you have a business listing.

Being found in search is vital for the success of any business these days, and healthcare providers are no exception. A Google business listing will help you kick start your online presence and ensure you appear in the results pages.

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