Improve Your Email Conversions: 4 Ways

Improve Your Email Conversions: 4 Ways

Every day, your prospects and customers are getting bombarded with emails. While an attention-grabbing headline will likely cut through the clutter and grab their attention, your audience is still a long way from converting.

A big part of what happens after someone opens your email depends on you – or rather, your creative. There are certain elements that you can include in your email to increase the odds of conversion. Here are four ways to boost your chances today.

Limit Their Choices

You might be tempted to throw all the information ever about your products or services into one email. After all, what if you don’t get another chance to your consumer? In this case, though, less is more. By giving your audience clear-cut, concise choices, they know what they need to do. If they have 10 choices, however, it can be overwhelming or confusing. The less steps necessary for conversion, the better.

Optimize Your ALT Tags

Is your image-heavy email not getting enough engagement? Check your ALT tags. Your email’s design could be perfect, but many people don’t automatically have their emails set to download images. This can be especially problematic, as all your customers will see our ALT tags. If they are gibberish or unrelated to your content, your email is going straight into the trash. Make sure each image has an appropriate tag that’s compelling and relevant.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile, your competition is already light-years ahead of you. With more and more emails being read on a smartphone or other internet-capable device, a mobile-friendly design should be Phase 1 in any email template development process. When a prospect or customer is reading your email on their phone, the last thing they want is to fumble around trying to click a link or read something.

Pick the Best Times

Historically, what have been the best times your emails have performed? Look at whether your audience is comprised of early birds, night owls or something in between. Once you’ve assessed the situation, try to time your emails for those “hot” times and avoid times when your emails have underperformed.

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