It’s a Jeep … I Mean a “Social” … Thing

Sometimes when you write a blog, your own guilty little pleasures are exposed.  Consider me busted!  In this case, I wanted to showcase the new  Between my wife and me, we’ve had at least one Jeep Wrangler in the family for nearly 15 years.  We both love these vehicles and my last sedan was quickly replaced by yet another one as soon as the lease was up. 

Jeep enthusiasts will agree that the slogan “It’s a Jeep thing” speaks well to idea that this vehicle is more of a lifestyle than just a car.  What’s impressive is how the new has taken bold steps to capture the essence of this owner experience.  I had seen a mention in a recent SmartBrief e-newsletter by Sapient describing the new website design as “an iconic site built with a live social portal rich in user generated content, gear and events.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Six years into my current Jeep Wrangler, I’m considering a new vehicle and with two young ones, I’m interested in one their extended models.  In going to, I was impressed with the attention they’ve given to making the researching and buying experience as community-driven as possible.  Prominently displayed are links to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile social media touch points.  Who better for consumers in the market for a new Jeep to talk to about buying one than actual Jeep owners? 

Even better, they’ve built this experience into a Live user portal that introduces each of these social components from the company’s and the Jeep owners’ perspective.  They’ve displayed each of these options simply as From Us and From Them.   Ease of use at its best!  You have instant access to Jeep owner events around the globe, real-time photo and video feeds and featured product updates.

Whether you’re a Jeep lover like me or just an interactive marketer interested in best practice studies, you should see what’s going on at  When it comes to intertwining design, functionality AND embracing the benefits of social, Jeep just plain gets it.  Check it out for yourself …  you never know, maybe you’ll come to understand what it means when they say “It’s a Jeep thing!”

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