Keep the Social Media Conversation Moving

People are buzzing.  That’s because when it comes to social media and business, it is definitely all about the conversation! The more dialogue you can deliver, the more opportunity you will get to create new clients and customers.

But social media isn’t inherently as physical a type of medium as print or radio, so how exactly do you quantify it? Within the arena of social media, a win isn’t just a new patient for your hospital or clinic. It can be a like, comment, retweet, +1 or share. In short, a social media victory is any form of interaction indicating that you engaged someone meaningfully.

Social media content for healthcare differs from what other verticals require in that the genre is fundamentally personable and emotive.  After all, you’re dealing with the most intimate topics: health and wellness.

According to a recent Zuum Report on social media for children’s hospitals, posts requesting donations generated more than three times the average per-post engagement.  Posts that included hashtags also seemed to take off.

Besides engaging in development or brandishing the eponymous hashtag. though, there are other vibrant ways to get the conversation flowing. Providing Patient Ed tips is always a winner, as is selecting timely topics, like discussing Breast Cancer Awareness in October, or speaking to a current health concern, like the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

Posting a motivational quote on eating healthy might not garner you new patients immediately, but you will begin to create a reputation as the go-to source for useful wellness tips. This will get readers passing your content along to friends and family, who are more likely to go from “clicks to bricks,” coming in for the visit that will officially make them your new patient.  Score one for healthcare social media!

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