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Let’s All Talk About It

In the aftermath of Super Bowl LXV, folks are still recounting, reviewing and replaying those thrilling … commercials. Which were the favorites at your Super Bowl party? How about the Monday-morning water cooler roundup? Which did you have to see again and again?

If you were left craving more commercial talk (and guacamole), you could satisfy that hunger all week long. Ad Age’s Brian Sternberg conducted a thoughtful Q&A analyzing the commercials for the Washington Post. A funny animated video parody from the Follis Marketing Report offered this tongue-in-cheek analysis.

There were plenty of online trackers, including the USA TODAY Ad Meter. ADBOWL, a website that lets consumers rate Super Bowl commercials in various categories every year, tallied up its totals by demographics.

Social media reactions to the commercials (and the halftime show, and Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the national anthem, and everything else) were duly catalogued. Twitter was the best place for consumers to share specific reactions – positive (Chrysler, Doritos) and negative (Groupon). Facebook gives users the simple (and measurable) ability to “like” or “unlike” a brand. This, of course, led to metrics assessing the effectiveness of the brand, most notably chronicled at Brand Bowl 2011, where more than 300,000 tweets were tallied.

Advertisers, meanwhile, tied in to other media to keep the buzz going. Did you like Volkswagen’s Black Beetle ad? Watch what happens when you view it on their YouTube channel.

For the record, our old-school lunchroom analysis gave high praise to Volkwagen’s little Darth Vader spot – adorable, smart, good story, skillfully told!  Longer version, here;  and the making of, with hilarious outtakes, here.

Oh, and dogs. Cute, cute dogs.

Now, you tell us who the big winner REALLY was on Super Bowl Sunday…

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