Live Streams: A New Way to Market Your Healthcare Facility

Video has become a very popular medium in the world of digital marketing, and you’d be foolish not to use it to your advantage.  From YouTube to Facebook and Instagram, there are a lot of potential avenues to create and publish great content for your healthcare facility.

Twitter, in particular, has been in the press recently because of its new mobile video app called Periscope. What separates Periscope from other video apps is that the video you create is viewed in real time.  People sign in with their Twitter accounts and can ask questions or leave comments on what you’re recording.

For a hospital, live streaming brings a tremendous amount of new opportunities. Here are some ways you can leverage this technology:

  • Let a physician answer questions in real time about current health news and topics.
  • Film events happening at your facility for fundraising purposes.
  • If permission is granted, live stream an operation that highlights your facility’s new equipment or an innovative procedure.

In the world of healthcare, live streaming can be very powerful. Instead of doing a Twitter chat or webinar, try live streaming to really personify your brand and offer a new perspective on your services.

For more information on Periscope and other live streaming apps, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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