The power of words

Make Your Copy Shine: The Power of Words

Although a lot of online content is now shifting to video, there’s still room for the written word. But not all copy is created equal: What resonates on the Internet is different from what resonates in a paperback, magazine or another printed medium.

Crisp, clean copy is of the utmost importance to capture someone’s attention online – after all, you only have a few seconds before their eyes move on to the next funny meme.

So what can you do to draw attention to your work? Quite a bit – especially when it comes to spacing:

1. Break up blocks of copy. No one – and I repeat NO ONE – is going to read your content if it’s one giant block of text. Since a lot of website traffic comes from mobile sources, your readers are seeing your work on a small screen. That giant block of text does not look good on such a tiny display. Create a new paragraph after every three to five sentences to keep the layout clean and keep your readers’ eyes from glazing over.

2. Make formatting your friend. Formatting like bold, italics and underline can make your copy easier to digest. People don’t read everything you write, so make sure the important points stand out. Embrace headlines and subheads, too, which can stop your content from looking like loads and loads of boring text (see No.1).

3. Don’t be boring. Avoid using passive language and make sure you to incorporate descriptive language. “Great healthcare services are offered at our facility” is a boring sentence. “Our cutting-edge facility offers innovative healthcare solutions and services” is a tighter, more attention-grabbing sentence. Don’t be afraid of adjectives – use them to get your point across in a way that actually makes people want to read your work.

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