Make Your Hospital’s Facebook Page a Content Generator

It is essential to keep your hospital’s Facebook page current with fresh, compelling content, or you’ll risk giving the impression that you’re disconnected from your audience — or worse yet, out of business.

You can always post about your events and areas of practice, and should definitely supply general health tips, since patient education is a huge factor in building trust.  For additional ideas, you can predict what your target demo finds important and share relevant posts from well respected bloggers and other experts in the field.

But is all that enough to make your public presence POP?  Probably not.  Here’s two more tips to liven up your page and make it a digital destination.

Squirrel It Away for That Rainy Day.

When you “Like” pages and posts, they will begin appearing in your Facebook feed and notifications. You can actually save that content and then disseminate it later, when you’re having a brain-freeze on what to post.  Clicking the little down arrow on the top right corner of any post will create a drop-down menu.  The fourth option allows you to save the story, which you can access in the future by clicking the “saved” icon on the left side of your Facebook page.  So if WebMD runs some relevant diabetes research findings, you can save them and repost during Diabetes Awareness Month, for example, instantly making your page au courant.

Learn What Makes Your Fans Tick.

Let’s say you’re attempting to target pregnant women for your maternity service line.  What do you do?  By using Facebook’s Graph Search Bar on the top of your page, you can discover which pages they’ve frequented.  If you simply enter “Pages liked by women who like pregnancy and live in Miami, Florida,” a flurry of pages will algorithmically materialize.  Like the important ones and grab content to share now or save for later.

Facebook’s greatest strength as a marketing engine is its customization, since this feature makes for precise targeting.  Facebook is a laser beam pointing the way to new clientele cleanly and directly — even without your having to pay to advertise or promote posts.

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