Maximize Your Facility’s Marketing Efforts With Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social network. With over 72 million users – 47 million in the U.S. alone – this photo-sharing social network shouldn’t be ignored by any business, including those of us in health care.

While many hospitals and health care facilities use Pinterest to showcase motivational quotes and healthy recipes, Pinterest can also be used in other ways that can both build your brand and capture new patients.

Here are two examples of new boards you should setup immediately:

Board #1: Videos

In today’s social media world, video is king when it comes to content. Regardless of which type of videos you’ve created for your facility – testimonials, tours or even TV commercials – it’s crucial that you have a YouTube channel.

Once these videos are on YouTube, you should create a Pinterest board and pin each one to your page. That way, the embedded video has the ability to play to an entirely new audience right from Pinterest!

Board #2: Blog Posts

Blogs and other forms of written content are critical to your marketing strategy. They provide great information that can highlight your expertise on different topics.

There’s one big issue with blog posts, though: As you create new ones, the old ones get buried on pages that probably don’t get much traffic. This content, however, is still valuable. That’s where Pinterest comes in.

Every blog post should include a photo. If it doesn’t, go back and include one. Then, pin the photo and add a description of each one to your boards. Within seconds, your old posts get a new lease on life – and new views.

As you can see, Pinterest is more than just wedding dresses and home decor. It has a lot of potential to benefit all kinds of businesses, including ones in medicine.

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