Is Mobile Part Of Your Healthcare Marketing Plan?

According a recent survey, 17 percent of cell phone owners have used their
mobile device to look up health or medical information. That percentage goes
up to 29 percent if the cell phone owner is between the ages of 18 to 29. What
does that tell us? People, especially the younger generation, are not only getting
medical and health related information online, they’re getting it on their mobile
device. mobile and healthcare

What’s the best way for your hospital or medical facility to get into the mobile
online space? You want a presence that’s useful and easy to use for the
consumer and doesn’t break any HIPAA rules and regulations.

If your medical facility is in a rural area where Wi-Fi is not as accessible, you may
want to create a mobile version of your website so potential patients can access
information via their smartphone 3G connection.

You may want to look into a custom app that includes bios of your physicians and
details your services. You may also want patients to make appointments right
from the app and share that information with their family via a social network or
email and phone calendar. If you can provide a convenient service to patients
and potential patients, they’re likely to stick with you for all their medical needs.

The possibilities for marketing your hospital or health care facility in the mobile
space are endless. For help creating a custom app or mobile-friendly version of
your website, visit Wax Custom Communications or call 305-350-5700. Happy
New Year!

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