Need a Urinalysis? Get Help with your Smartphone

When you go for a physical, there’s a good chance your doctor will ask for a urine sample. uchek mobile appTesting urine can reveal many things, such as diseases, pregnancy, drug usage, dehydration and diet problems. Now, a new iPhone app will soon allow you to analyze your own urine.

Meet uChek, the mobile application that makes analyzing urine super simple and allows you to monitor your own health right from home.

The uChek app works with any urine-test dipstick, with the familiar set of colored boxes that change to indicate levels of substances like ketones and pH in urine. To use the app, you simply dip the stick into the urine and put it down next to a washable color map. You then take a photo of the two at certain time intervals.

The mat provides a reference color palette that can be compared to the stick in any light. The app then analyzes what it sees and displays the results and trends right on your smartphone. The app will cost 99 cents and a pack of test strips costs about $20 in your local drug store.

The app has the potential to provide consumers with vital health information fairly quickly and accurately, though it isn’t meant to replace doctor visits.

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