Why Hospitals Need to Move into the Mobile Space

Mobile phones have changed the way many of us conduct our daily activities. We use them for everything from banking to social networking to playing Words with Friends. An estimated 280 million mobile phones are in use. Does your hospital have a mobile-friendly version of your website?

Your mobile version should aim to make it easier for patients and potential patients to look up information in their phone’s web browser. In developing your mobile strategy, keep in mind that your information is geared for the small screen – it needs to be concise, easy-to-find and simple.

The mobile-friendly version of the hospital website can feature ER wait times, find-a-doctor, visitor information, pre-registration forms, news and events, even access to a health library.

Having a mobile website does more than help a potential patient. It shows how your hospital is using technology to help improve healthcare even outside the hospital walls.

To make your hospital stand out and get a technological edge, call Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit Waxcom.com.


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