Monitoring tools that improve the social experience!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were websites that acted as the Google of social networking? Well, there are:, and Since I wasn’t so familiar with these products, I figured there were others who weren’t either, so here is a quick brief: is a free online tool that lets you measure your brand’s visibility across 32 social networks, helping you track how successful, or unsuccessful, your buzz-generating efforts are. When you enter the name of a person, organization or brand into the search bar, searches the top 32 social sites and tells you how many times your brand was mentioned within those sites. While covers all the obvious social sites, it also searched not too obvious sites such as,, and others. is a free social media search tool that, using Google AJAX Search API, combines social profiles across 27 social networking sites into one search result. This site tells you what social networking site a person or organization is on. This makes it easy for you to see where your customers interact in the social web and gives you a chance to engage with them there. It also allows you to see what kind of social media avenues your competition in engaging in and how., available only through subscription, built a listening platform designed to help companies monitor what consumers are saying about them. allows businesses to measure, analyze and report on their social media efforts.

Radian6 has a dashboard that’s a web-based social media-monitoring platform that lets you see conversations happening around your brand and products in real time. The dashboard aggregates those conversations and puts them into visuals that make it easy to analyze what is being said, where and by whom.