Musts for Every Health-Related Website

With the Internet changing at breathtaking speed, so must your healthcare or hospital website keep up with the times. Here are a few of the basic tactics you want to stay on top of for your healthcare website.

  • Make sure your site can be seen properly. Test your site on all the major browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for MAC users) and IE 9.
  • Have a mobile version of your website so they are compatible with smart phone browsers.
  • Limit the amount of Flash you include on your site. Flash on a website can make your website very snazzy, but it does nothing for search engine optimization and Apple (iMac, iPhone, iPad) doesn’t support it at all. Make sure all your web pages are converted to HTML5.
  • Make your website easy to use.  Most people – especially patients – have a lot on their minds and aren’t very patient.  Make sure your website loads quickly and easy to navigate and read.
  • Include relevant reputable links to back up what’s said on the website.  It adds credibility to your hospital or healthcare facility.
  • Make sure your website is socially compatible.  People who look at your website may not need a service you provide, but they know someone who does.  Make sharing easy. Use services such as ShareThis and include links to your social media channels. This helps the business and the consumer.

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