Why You Need a Drip Marketing Strategy … Yesterday

Why You Need a Drip Marketing Strategy … Yesterday

If you think email marketing is a one-and-done tactic, think again. With email inboxes overflowing more than regular mailboxes these days, sending just one message may not be enough to engage your audience – if they even see the email at all.

Enter drip marketing. A drip email marketing campaign is a set of marketing emails based on user action and sent out on a schedule. For example: if someone signs up for your organization’s email list, they may get a welcome email upon signing up and then receive several additional messages — aside from your regular communications — over the course of days, weeks and months.

These messages have been shown to have higher engagement than the old “let’s send a monthly newsletter” route. Considering drip marketing for your organization? Here are some great benefits:

More Relevance

Like we said above, email inboxes are getting more and more cluttered. It’s increasingly difficult to get your message read in a sea of notifications and a world of short attention spans. By planning a proper drip marketing campaign, you can stay top of mind when prospects require your services.
If, for instance, your prospect hasn’t opened two emails in your drip marketing sequence, you can set your campaign to send another email with new content that could finally get that desired open or click. Maybe a different subject line will finally work, or maybe pushing a new white paper will do the trick. The beauty of drip marketing is that you’re constantly communicating with your audience – and barely lifting a finger.

Less Resources

Speaking of which, drip marketing greatly frees up resources to focus on other marketing initiatives. Once a drip marketing campaign is planned and scheduled, that’s all there is to it. Of course, you need to monitor the campaigns and tweak accordingly but all the content is already set up and ready to go from the start. There’s no need to remember what’s going out when – it’s all automated. So even if you’re the tiniest of companies, you can create some big campaigns and see some big results.


Drip marketing campaigns are an ideal opportunity to showcase your organization’s expertise on a certain matter. Anything is fair game for content in drip marketing: white papers, blogs, press releases, case studies … The list goes on. By providing prospects with informative content that cements your status as an industry leader, you’re building a sense of trust. Eventually, that trust can turn into a conversion. It may not be immediately or even in the near future, but they’ll remember you when they need you.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? Let our experts help you maximize your drip marketing campaigns. Call 305-350-5700 or visit waxcom.com today.

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