New Ways to Engage with Patients

Are you committed to improving your hospital’s communication while delivering the best healthcare possible? With consumers taking a more proactive approach to health, you need a more proactive approach to reaching them. The days of sending out a letter via snail mail or calling on the phone are long gone.

With social media, mobile and internet an integral part of our daily lives, patient engagement at the digital level is critical to your medical facility’s success. Engaged healthcare is better healthcare not only for the patient, but also for your medical facility and staff. Today’s technology makes it easy to develop an ongoing dialogue with consumers – one that educates, builds trust and enables them to maintain healthy lives. Here are a few examples of how you can engage patients on a digital level:

  • RxApps provides patients with chronic illnesses with customizable SMS text message prompts so they can track their health, experiences and behaviors. This information informs both patients and providers about what is effective in treatment, what lifestyle factors may be difficult for the patient to change, and whether the patient is at risk for adverse clinical events such as a hospitalization.
  • @Point of Care 360 gives patients a mobile platform to help understand their condition, improve adherence to combat their condition and to schedule appointments. At the same time, physicians can view patient care journals and use the app for reference tools.
  • Sense Health helps physicians interact with patients by providing a tool to efficiently and effectively increase patient support in between appointments. Patients are sent text messages following up on protocol or reminding them of specific health-related tasks, such as remembering to engage in daily exercise or to drink water. Patients and physicians engage in direct dialogue, improving communication efficiency.

Getting involved in digital communication is critical for healthcare marketing and healthcare engagement. Patient engagement on a digital format will help you increase revenue while reducing administrative costs. Don’t be left behind! To learn other technological solutions on how to engage your patients contact Wax Custom Communications at 305.350.5700 or visit

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