New Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Healthcare Marketing Campaign

Video is hugely important these days. It is probably the fasting growing tool when it comes to online marketing. YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo are just three examples of the robust variety of social media dedicated to streaming video.

In the world of healthcare, there are many powerful ways to integrate video into your channel mix. From poignant patient testimonials to informative virtual tours of facilities and illuminating doctor spotlights, video is bursting with potential for the world of medicine.

Aside from the traditional methods of creating a video and uploading it to a website or creating it on your phone and uploading it to a particular app, there are many innovative new ways to market your videos more directly. Here are two examples:

  • If you utilize Tumblr as your blog platform, you can now embed Vine videos right onto your blog. Owned by Twitter, Vine is an app for Android and iOS that lets users create six-second videos by pressing and holding a finger down on the screen to capture short clips that are automatically strung together. These videos are easily shared. To embed a Vine video, simply add the URL or embed code into the video post box from your Tumblr homepage.

For healthcare marketing, Vine is a quick, edgy and engaging way to illustrate what you are discussing in your blog.

  • Facebook is also pushing video more aggressively. It is currently testing a new “Related Videos” feature that will surface on your mobile newsfeed. After the video is done playing, you will have an option to re-watch it or select a different, related one from a sampling provided by Facebook. This will all lead to the implementation of in-feed video advertisements that target taste with precision.

For healthcare marketing, providing your users with short, compelling health-related videos, such as ways to stay fit or tips on healthy eating habits, will help you target others who also enjoy these types of videos via paid Facebook video-advertisements.

As you can see, the major social networks are all enhancing their video capabilities within their networks. As healthcare marketers, if you aren’t creating strong video content, you might be missing the boat on some lucrative new opportunities to expand your audience. Learn more by visiting

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