Wax recipe photo shoot

Wax food styling

Attention to detail. Down to the last great northern bean. Under the supervision of Senior Art Director, Darrin Kagele, and Director of Account Services, Heather Mickley, a recent recipe photo shoot transformed five low-fat, low-sodium recipes into vibrant meal ideas for two of our client’s magazines.

Like any good content provider, we don’t build recipes with stock photography in mind. Custom developed recipes call for custom food photography. And our Louisville office plays host to skillets, tweezers and cameras at least four times a year. These are the tools of our Wax-commissioned food stylist, Lesa Miller; chef, Sara Gibbs; and photographer, O’Neil Arnold. Darrin and Heather pitch in as well, with art direction, hand modeling and, of course, a fork full or two for quality assurance.


Wax food photography team: Lesa Miller, Darrin Kagele, O'Neil Arnold, Sara Gibbs and Heather Mickley

Wax food photography team (clockwise from bottom left): Lesa Miller, Darrin Kagele, O'Neil Arnold, Heather Mickley and Sara Gibbs

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