Obama stands up for Wax Stimulus package

With apologies to Randy Newman … We love LA! The brightest and best marketing, communications and sales executives from Blue Cross Blue Shield plans around the country descended upon the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles last week to attend the 2009 Marketing, Communications, Sales and National Program Conference.

Wax captivated attendees with our innovative new print and online offerings, dubbed “The Wax Stimulus Package.” Wax offers health plan marketers real reform in how they’re communicating with members of their health plans. 

This positioning echoed the change described by keynote speaker Greg Pinelo, addressing the group on Inside the Obama Campaign. Pinelo, a seasoned political strategist, outlined the beginnings and evolution of the campaign and how it ultimately become the juggernaut marketing machine that so defined Change We Can Believe In.

– Mark Collins

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