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Personalize Your Hospital with Instagram’s Hyperlapse App

Instagram is the world’s most popular photo app: its fans upload in excess of 60 million photos daily. As if that soaring popularity weren’t enough, the company recently released a second stand-alone app called Hyperlapse. It allows users to create short, time-lapsed clips without the assistance of any additional high-tech video equipment. It also features a stabilization feature that eliminates any shakiness, along with some artistic filters to give you a creative edge.

Hyperlapse simply starts and stops recording at the touch of a button, much like Twitter’s Vine app. Unlike Vine, though, it allows users to choose their time-lapse speed (the default is six times faster than normal). Videos are 15-seconds long — that’s more than double the length of Vine videos, which last only 6 seconds — and, like Vine videos, can be uploaded in an instant.

For a healthcare facility, this app has much untapped marketing potential. Here’s four ways you can put it to work at your facility to enhance brand awareness:

  • Place your phone at the check-in desk so you can have employees capture a slice of your clientele’s diversity.
  • Keep your phone stationary in a hallway to show the amount of foot traffic seen throughout the day.
  • Hand it to doctors or nurses so they can demonstrate how they are able to multi-task in a high-stress environment.
  • Film an event like a blood drive to generate good press about how you are enriching the community.

Presently available for free on iPhone, Hyperlapse can be informative, while also adding some necessary personality to the world of medicine. Just make sure to obtain consent via release form before posting any personal information or images that would compromise anyone’s privacy.

For direction on how to incorporate this new technology and others into the world of healthcare marketing, including how to draft the proper release form, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit waxcom.com.