Pin Your Fans to Your Brand: Join Pinterest!

When you think about social media, the first networks that probably come to mind are the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Don’t underestimate Pinterest, though!  Pinterest users have the strongest representation of the healthcare decision-maker demographic – its users are young (ages 25-34), female (80 percent), middle class (only 30 percent have income over $100K) and they are likely to have children (50 percent). All are highly influential people when it comes to making healthcare marketing choices for themselves and their families, so ignoring them would be ill advised.

Healthcare facilities can use Pinterest to create pinboards with inspirational quotes, Infographics on health statistics, fitness tips and healthy recipes. We also recommend that they join group Pinterest boards, especially for an organization that is new to this photo-sharing social medium.

In the world of Pinterest, when you stick one of your pins into a group board with thousands of followers, you have more of an opportunity to be seen and followed by potentially new fans and friends.  In addition, people have the opportunity to re-pin your content, much as on Twitter a provocative tweet can be retweeted. You can of course use those iconic hashtags on Pinterest, as they help build awareness about your content, circulating it to a much wider audience.

Good group boards can become go-to resources for people looking for a reliable source for shareable quality content.  You can find some prime healthcare-related group Pinterest boards by visiting Pingroupie and filtering your category to “health_fitness.” Don’t just join the boards: engage, participate in and popularize them.

Group boards are an innovative social way to get more branding exposure for your hospital or healthcare facility. As with all social media, put in a concerted effort to keep your boards fresh, active and current with memorable content that will generate pass-along readership.

For more information on Pinterest and how it can enhance the public profile of your healthcare brand, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700, or visit https://waxcom.comcontact-us.

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