Habitat Blitz, part two


Karla Gordillo, Bill Wax and Jozy Torres at the Chavarria house


The second Wax team parachuted in to South Miami-Dade to pitch in a day’s work on the Chavarria house as part of the Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build 2009, when 10 homes will go up over two weeks. Last week’s team helped put up drywall and installation; yesterday’s group laid tile floors while other volunteers spiffed up the exterior with paint, cut and installed baseboards, and helped with interior door hanging. The Chavarria family will move into their sunny house at Jordan Commons, one of the nation’s largest Habitat communities, within two weeks – about the same amount of time it should take us to recover from sore muscles. (But it’s a good kind of pain!)

 – Gretchen Schmidt 

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