“Read This Article Now” 5 Signs of a Blockbuster Call to Action

Calls to action are all about creating, well … action.

As you walk prospective patients down the path of conversion, your call to action (CTA) should actively tell them what to do next. That might be picking up the phone to schedule an appointment or “clicking here” to sign up for the next smoking cessation class.

Why Sally Can’t Sell

It’s the cardinal rule of sales: “Ask for the sale.” But as marketers, we sometimes forget – or are afraid – to ask. We put together a compelling proposition (“live free of those embarrassing varicose veins”), we make an impressive pitch (“minimal down time with our new laser treatment”), but then forget to incite the desired action — make an appointment, attend a meet-the-doctor event, download the fact-filled booklet, etc.

Of course, what you’re “selling” might simply be an invitation to extend the relationship you’ve begun with a prospect, such as inviting them to subscribe to your wellness newsletter. You still need a strong CTA – don’t miss another issue, get the latest news, etc.

Don’t Forget the Phrase That Pays

Just as a compelling subject line drives open-rates, so does a CTA drive measurable ROI. Check out these examples of action-inducing CTAs:

  • Book an appointment
  • Talk to a physician today
  • Attend our next seminar
  • Speak with an expert
  • Sign up now
  • Download white paper
  • Learn more
5 Signs of a Blockbuster CTA

So, what does a solid CTA look like?

  1. It uses action words to direct and motivate. Never assume your readers will know what to do next. Make it clear and unambiguous what the next step is.
  2. It conveys clear benefits. Let them know the payoff for taking action. So, “Click here” becomes “Click here for your free download.” “Call now” becomes “Call now to speak to an expert.”
  1. It encourages immediate action. An effective CTA overcomes inertia. To a prospect, it should be so compelling that they know they must take action now to avoid missing out on something good.
  1. It keeps things simple. Stick to one meaningful thing for the reader to do and direct them to one simple and specific action (call, make appointment, order now).
  1. It provides an easy and obvious action channel. Prominently display the phone number, clickable link or online form you want readers to fill out.
Say It Loud, Say It Proud

Finally, don’t bury your call to action. Whether it’s direct mail or a digital marketing piece, make sure the CTA is graphically strong and prominent. Use a different font and type size (the CTA should be larger than other elements on the page). Use color and contrast to make it stand out, and white space to set it apart. Also, make sure that any form you are asking readers to complete is as mobile-friendly as your site.

Powerful CTAs make things happen. Call Wax today at (305) 350-5700 or visit waxcom.com to learn more.


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