Exclusive Access: NRC Health Symposium Keynote

Thinking about rebranding your organization? This NRC Health Symposium presentation can provide you with the insights you need to get started.


  • Karen Browne, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, ChristianaCare
  • Craig Fairfield, Managing Director, Wax Custom Communications

Rebranding with Love: How ChristianaCare Became the Most Improved Brand in the Nation

When it was time to rebrand the largest health system in Delaware, there was one word at the forefront – love. It’s a reflection of ChristianaCare’s core values and deeply held belief that health care is a partnership in which each party should feel respected and loved. By expanding on this endeavor with refreshed aesthetics and outreach, ChristianaCare’s brand perception rose from #157 to #43 in a single year, making it the most improved healthcare brand in the nation.

In this session you will:

  1. Learn how to overcome the unique challenges of rebranding a healthcare organization during and after a public health crisis that has eroded trust in providers
  2. Understand how to use big data and proprietary research to inform your strategy
  3. Learn how to motivate internal stakeholders to be the ambassadors of your rebranding efforts
  4. Understand why healthcare brands need to build a powerful emotional connection with those they serve
  5. Hear how to marry new graphics and a refreshed message to successfully rebrand an organization