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How to Recycle Your Old Content

Publishing new, relevant content on a regular basis is something that larger companies with big budgets can do with ease. For smaller healthcare organizations, however, that’s often not the case. Resources are much scarcer, and new content can often take a backseat.

But new content doesn’t exactly have to be “new.” If you have an archive of content that’s been gathering dust on your website, there are steps you can take for them to get a second lease on life. Here are some ways you can start reusing old content today.

  1. Turn your blog posts into infographics. If you have long-form content on your website, pull the main points and turn it into something easy-to-digest like an infographic. While the content may be old, the new visual aesthetic makes it look brand new.
  2. Update whitepapers and data-heavy collateral. If you have content that’s brimming with statistics that are more than three to five years old, review the copy and see whether the bulk of the article is still relevant. If it is, publishing this “new” whitepaper is as simple as updating some numbers.
  3. Look at your content from different angles. Can’t come up with new ideas? Overcome that writer’s block by looking at existing content from a new perspective. Remember that story you wrote for healthcare executives? Try tailoring it to a different segment of your audience. Something as simple as shifting the content toward a new demographic can breathe new life into your collateral.
  4. Transcribe your webinars and other video content. If you’re posting your video on YouTube or another videosharing platform, consider transcribing them. Those transcriptions can then be used as blog posts or a foundation for another type of media (e.g. infographics). The more places you put your content, the more ways that prospects can find you.

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