Getting the Most Out of Your Great Content

The business of how content is compiled, consumed, shared and monetized continues to evolve at a rapid pace. And unless you’re adapting to the changes, your message might as well be invisible. content is king

Conventional search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, like improving visibility by adding keywords, don’t cut it anymore. A well-written, constantly updated blog living on your website, along with relevant, engaging, compelling content in social media, is essential for standing out, getting noticed and ultimately getting your voice heard.

By having a blog on your website you make you turn your website from static to dynamic. This works on two fronts: helping search engines like Google pick up new content, and getting visitors engaged and coming back to your site for fresh information.

Social media is another place where content is king! With millions of people checking their social media profiles as often as they check their email, this is a great place to provide content and a chance for you to interact with your audience.

The most successful companies relate their product, message or personnel to industry trends. Relevant, engaging and rewarding content can bring impressions, which can then build fans and potentially new customers.

But you have to treat it like a baby. It constantly needs to be fed!  You are only doing harm to yourself and your business if you have a huge lapse in providing engaging content in your blog or social media channels. Don’t start and then stop. If you don’t have the resources to keep the content fresh you shouldn’t start a blog or presence on social media at all.

So what does this mean for your hospital or healthcare facility? Keep that website rich with new content so people and search engines keep coming back. Your brick and mortar hospital is constantly changing with new patients, new procedures and physicians. Your website needs to do the same. Simple blog posts delivered on a regular basis about aspects of your hospital may just do the trick.

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