How to Use YouTube for Healthcare Marketing

Creating a presence on YouTube for your healthcare facility can be fairly simple. Creating good content that will be viewed and shared can be a little more difficult.

That’s why before even creating your first video you need to create a content plan that ensures that your content both meets your facility’s goals and properly engages with your intended audience.

Once this plan is in place and tweaked it is time to create videos. Creating one successful video can have a huge impact on a channel by bringing new viewers and introducing them to the rest of your content.

So what do you create? Well, healthcare can be a touchy subject and with HIPAA and privacy laws in place you have to be careful on what you post.

What seems to work well for healthcare videos are warm-inspirational, real-life stories that everyday people can relate to. For example, in honor of Child Life Month, the Phoebe H. Stein Child Life Program at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in NY, saluted their amazing young patients. To date, in a little over 3 weeks, the video has over 7,600 views.

Now that you have a great video you need to optimize it. YouTube is the second biggest search engine and viewers have tons and tons of content to choose from. A successful optimization strategy will help you take full benefit of the platform’s functionalities.

Uploading the video to YouTube is not enough if you want to see results. You give it a thorough title and include a detailed keyword-rich description with links to your website that explains what the video is about. Finally, include keywords, within the keyword section as this will help in the search process.

In addition, expand your content by including a link and description on your other social media channels as well and embed the YouTube video code on your website or blog as people may view and/or follow you from different locations across the web.

Creating great YouTube videos can be very influential to potential new patients. If thoughtfully planned out, videos can become a very powerful marketing resource.

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