How Your New Twitter Profile Can Benefit Your Healthcare Facility

New Twitter profile and healthcareYou may or may not have heard but your Twitter profile has or will soon be getting a makeover. The new profile page has a lot of benefits that a healthcare facility can capitalize on. The Twitter overhaul includes several new features:

  • Your best tweets will now be easier to find. Tweets with the most engagement (retweets, comments, etc) will appear slightly larger than your other tweets. For a healthcare facility that has a big announcement on a breakthrough or a success story, it will be easier for other viewers to find and read more about it.
  • You will be able to use a much larger profile photo. As health care is very visual, this new “hero” shot can really paint a picture of what your facility represents.
  • Similar to pinned posts on Facebook, Twitter will now allow you to pin an important tweet to the top of your page. This will make it easier to people find your most important, current information. For example, an upcoming blood drive.

These new enhancements and others should be very beneficial to people that access Twitter from a desktop device. For an example of what a new Twitter profile looks like check out First Lady Michelle Obama’s profile at @flotus.

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