– A Health-Oriented Social Network for Baby Boomers

Who said social networking is just a communication tool used by generations X and Y? While many 20- and 30-year-olds go to Twitter and Facebook to connect with their friends and get celebrity gossip, there’s a new social network that caters to the needs of the 45+ demo, aka the Baby Boomers:

boomers-and-social-mediaHealthcare is a major topic on the minds of many people 45 and older. How can they stay healthy? How can they avoid getting ripped off on healthcare costs? That’s where comes into play.

This new, free social network, built and financed by Alliance Health Networks and Life Line Screening, connects boomers to health resources that can help them save money and get better overall healthcare.

The website provides users with online support, news articles, discussion boards and screening services, just to name a few, all aimed in keeping boomers educated and healthy. Users can also start conversations, share experiences, read and post product recommendations and discuss health-related topics from the website.

The overall goal of the website is helping people avoid needless visits to their healthcare providers. And communicating with others about similar medical issues can, in turn, create overall wellness. Users talk about experiences with sleep apnea, strokes, veganism, long-term care insurance and other topics. The site also includes healthy recipes and how-to videos on a variety of topics, like recognizing and preventing high blood pressure and elder abuse awareness.

This is just another way in how technology is changing healthcare. For more information on other ways new technology can change your healthcare environment, Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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