Patient History Doesn’t Have to be Complicated Anymore

Keeping track of family medical history can get confusing and complicated. Folders, papers and records can be all over the place.

A new health-based social network called HealthKeep is now trying to change that by helping you organize your patient history with a timeline of symptoms and medications and provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your health records based on the information you choose to post. What makes Healthkeep different is that users can join anonymously so no identities are revealed and privacy issues aren’t jeopardized.

HealthKeep, which operates with feeds like those of Twitter and Facebook, allows you to see what others are experiencing based on a particular symptom and how they are treating that symptom. For example, if you wake up sneezing and your eyes itch, you can see what medication other people with that condition are taking, and filter feeds to read more about what side effects they may have encountered.

The social network, which is HIPAA compliant, helps its users understand their own health by connecting them with relevant information based on the history they provided and similar uses. It also allows doctors and healthcare organizations to register with verified accounts to post news and general announcements.

This new network is a unique way to understand and keep track of your health and get immediate information and feedback from others with similar symptoms and conditions. To learn more about this social-health platform, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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