Timing is everything for Twitter

If you’re looking to grab as many Twitter followers as possible, the best solution is to tweet a lot! If your goal is to drive more traffic to your website or a landing page, you should show restraint when posting links to Twitter. Accounts that share two or more links in a hour drastically lower click-through rate compared to accounts that post a maximum of one link per hour. Twitter and timing

The trick to an effective social media strategy is to reach people when crowd noise dies down. You won’t stand out when everyone else is posting their messages at the same time. According to a recent Hubspot study, afternoons are the best time to get your message across because blog and news site activity is slower. Weekends are also ideal for using social media as news traffic can be close to dead. For example, on weekend mornings, when most news sites see substantial drops in page views, Twitter click-throughs spike!

The study also concluded that tweeting the same links two to three times a day is not only OK, but recommended. People are on Twitter at different hours a day. With time zone differences, you’re likely to get a different audience every time you tweet. For those who are big on retweeting, the highest retweet activity is late in the workday, between 2 and 5pm, with 4pm being the “tweetspot.”

Putting together a proper, timely social media and marketing schedule is critical to the business success of your facility. For more information on putting together a custom marketing and social media plan for your hospital, call Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit http://wax-prod.local.


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