Succeed with Seniors, Online

Succeed with Seniors, Online

Recognize Bruce and Esther (shown above)?  Their befuddlement with technology in 2011 made them, ironically, “internet famous” – with more than 12 million views on YouTube. They personified the frustration of many older Americans at the time.

A few short years later, that’s no longer the norm. To paraphrase another older American, Bob Dylan, “the times, they are, a-changing.”

According to the Pew Research Center, people 65 and older are now getting online at a faster rate than any other group. Are they a little late to the game? Sure. But more than 60% are now connected; and those who are spend approximately 19 hours per week using the internet. That’s more time than they spend watching TV.

If you want to connect with this huge segment of the population, you’d better know the rules of engagement.

Here are some tips that will help you win the day with Dylan and his peers:

1. Be mobile and tablet friendly.

    Many older people missed the computer revolution the first time. They never had a desktop or laptop. Their first exposure to the internet came with their first tablet or smartphone. If your message or site doesn’t work well on their devices, they won’t engage with you.

2. Use video – but use it well.

    It’s hugely popular with this audience. Remember, they are used to watching TV. Look at sites like Khan Academy and TED for inspiration. But don’t expect to succeed just by pointing a camera at someone. Tell a story. Offer up “bite-sized” pieces. Engage and entertain.

3. Create a positive user experience.

    Keep things simple. Make sure interfaces are intuitive and easy to use. Readability is a big deal for people in this age group. Their eyes often aren’t what they used to be – and they’re probably using small screens. Avoid small type and don’t reverse it or put it over pictures.

Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day, and more of them are going online as connectivity improves and devices get cheaper and easier to use. Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to build your brand and connect with the fastest growing group of Internet users. For more info and stats, check out our free white paper, Older Americans and the Internet.

Call (305) 350-5700 or visit to find out how Wax Communications can help you succeed with seniors, online.

P.S. – If you aren’t one of the 12 million people who watched Bruce and Esther try to figure out how to use their webcam, here’s a link. I promise Bruce’s “monkey faces” will put a smile on your human face.



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