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Summer: The Best Season for Marketing

When you think of summer, your mind probably drifts to summer vacations and other forms of relaxation. Chances are that work is slow, too, and that your competition is also winding things down for the season.

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, why not use these months to your advantage? They’re a great way to stand out because there is less noise and traffic online.

Here are a few ideas to leverage the power of summer:

Feed Off of Holidays

Holidays are always trending topics online and on social media. If you are a healthcare facility, why not put a health spin on them? An example: For Independence Day, provide your fans and followers with healthy, alternative snacks for when people are out at BBQs and block parties.

You don’t have to focus on just big holidays either – now every day is a holiday for something. Visit a site like holidayinsights.com to get a complete list and focus on the ones that are relevant to your audience.

Roll Out New Features

Is your facility getting a new piece of equipment or offering a new procedure? This is a great time to promote it; people are on vacation and looking at their social networks more than usual. You also have less competition because competitors are on “vacation mode.”

Provide Viewers With a Challenge

For the most part, people love competition. Why not use the summer months to run a competitive campaign? From hosting a weight-loss challenge to a running competition, you can find plenty of health-related ways to engage with your audience and promote your facility.

Just because people are on vacation and out of the office doesn’t mean they are completely shut down. This is particularly true in the world of healthcare, as there’s never a slow season – people can get ill at any time.

Instead of slowing your marketing efforts during the summer, ramp up your campaigns and use the time to your company’s advantage.

For additional marketing ideas for your healthcare facility, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350- 5700.