Telehealth Provides Convenience and Value

Receiving primary care can be difficult these days. With healthcare costs rising and wait times often very long, it can become very frustrating to get something as simple as treatment for bronchitis or the flu.

Teladoc, the oldest and largest U.S. telehealth company is looking change that by offering physician visits either by telephone or online video consults in one hour or less, 24/7. Teladoc doesn’t replace the traditional family physician, but it offers and affordable alternative to urgent care and emergency room visits for non-emergency medical care. Board certified doctors virtually treat patients from the convenience of their home, office or hotel, if they are traveling.

According to Teladoc, the average doctor call back time is just 24 minutes and the cost is $38 per consultation; annual membership is $150 or less, depending on the doctor’s plan. Everything is done via Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and prescriptions can be written electronically and sent directly to a pharmacy.

Teladoc uses three primary kinds of physicians: those who are semi-retired, or taking time off from active practice; ER physicians who provide services when they are not at the hospital; and actively practicing physicians who treat Teladoc patients in between office appointments.

Physicians generally keep 90% of the visit fee and have the convenience of not having to deal with paperwork because patients pay them at the time of visit via credit card. Teladoc doctors commonly treat cold and flu, sinus, allergies, ear infection, poison ivy and respiratory infections.

Technology advances each day, allowing doctors to better treat patients. Teladoc offers the medical world an opportunity to help patients with non-emergency illness get treatment faster, easier and at an affordable rate. For more information on telehealth, or to learn how telehealth solutions can help your practice, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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