The Benefits Tumblr Can Have for a Hospital

Does your healthcare facility have a lot of “red tape” to go through when it comes to marketing? Is it hard to get approval on marketing initiatives, especially on your website? If you answered yes to either of these questions, your hospital marketing department may want to look at Tumblr as an alternative.

For those that aren’t familiar with the platform, Tumblr is a social networking website that allows users to post multimedia and text content in short-blog form.  It also allows users to create private or public blogs, and follow other users’ blogs. Tumblr lets you share everything from all your social networks in one central place.

What makes Tumblr such a practical tool is its ease of use. From your CEO to your intern, anyone can use it and no technical skills are required. It also has no requirements, such as image sizes or length of copy.

Tumblr pages are also very SEO friendly. That means your content comes up on search engines, which can then lead to more traffic to your website. In addition, Tumblr has a built-in community of other users with pages that can also view the content you post.

You don’t need to worry about creating a mobile version of your blog when you use Tumblr. It is available across multiple mobile platforms so you can update it and easily view it from anywhere.

Compared to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus that have restrictions on graphics and applications, a Tumblr page can be customized to meet your hospital’s needs. For example, you can easily create areas on your page for the various specialties your facility has expertise in and practices.

If your healthcare facility is hung up with getting a custom blog created or approved, why not try creating a Tumblr page. It is easy and completely free to setup.

For assistance in setting up a custom Tumblr page for your healthcare facility and unique ideas for creating content, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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