The Keys to a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

When people sign up for Facebook, they provide the world’s biggest social network with a tremendous amount of data about themselves (e.g., interests, jobs and education). This data can become some very powerful marketing information.

Facebook is well aware of that fact – that’s why they are now using that data to their advantage. Businesses now have to pay the social media giant to reach their target audiences.

A Facebook page that has 20,000 likes may look great, but in reality just a small percentage of those people actually see what a business has to say. The only way to get your updates in front of more people – and the right people – is to take out your credit card.

While many marketers find this very frustrating, Facebook advertising is no longer optional. It’s now a necessity.

There is some good news: Unlike a radio or print campaign that could cost a business thousands of dollars, Facebook can allow a business to get in front of a targeted audience for a fraction of the price.

To make sure you get the most “bang for your buck” from a Facebook campaign, try these two effective ad strategies.

Custom Audiences

When people register for Facebook, they don’t just tell the network their favorite movie and where they went to high school. Facebook also asks for their email address. This bit of data is HUGE!

Facebook doesn’t share that information with anyone, but it does allow advertisers to upload lead lists in .csv format and find other people who have similar interests based on the email addresses provided. They call this feature “Look-A-Likes.”

You can then target those specific people with niche-type messages, meaning you are only spending money on people who care about your product or service.

Video Advertising

Video has one of the highest engagement metrics out of all the different advertising options; video ads and boosted videos are a great way for potential buyers to become engaged with your brand, product or service. The next time you run a Facebook campaign, try a video instead of a regular link or static image – your return will be greater.

While every campaign is different and results could vary by industry, Facebook advertising has become a very quick, affordable and powerful way to get in front of the right audiences. For additional Facebook advertising tips, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit

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