The ‘Media’ Page: A Crucial Part of Any Website

The ‘Media’ Page: A Crucial Part of Any Website

Has your healthcare organization done something lately that deserves recognition? Maybe your hospital has performed the first surgery in the state for a certain condition or ailment. Maybe your practice’s use of a certain technology has improved patient outcomes beyond expectations. Maybe you have another success story.

Tout these successes on your website’s Media, Press or Newsroom page. Unlike other sections of your site that are all about the consumer, this section is all about you. Anything noteworthy that your organization has done should go here – be proud of your work.

There’s another important reason to have such a page: easy access for journalists. If there’s a curious writer who’s looking for a local (or national) healthcare story, perusing your hospital’s accolades in one spot makes their life a lot easier.

Here are a few things you should include on your organization’s Media webpage:

1. Press Releases: Whenever your organization wins an award or does something else of note, there should be a press release written. Press releases serve two functions: marketing yourself and building your library of content. SEO-friendly press releases are likelier to appear in search engines, creating a new entryway for someone to reach your site. Write them and write them often.

2. Case Studies: These are quite a bit more in-depth than your standard press release. This type of research-driven content focuses on a specific problem and how you’ve gone about solving it. For example, if your hospital noticed low immunization rates in the community and took steps to solve it, that’s something worth writing about it. The key is that the results have to be measurable.

3. Media Contacts: Every piece of content should have a contact person listed. If someone wants more information about an innovation in the pediatrics department, for example, the contact should ideally be someone in that department. If there’s no specific contact available, make sure to include at least a generic contact.

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