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The Power of Digital

Digital marketing is changing the way marketers market. With LED and other digital billboards, messaging and advertising can change at a moment’s notice. No more do you have to change vinyl and posters when you want to get a new message across. Now you can just hit a button. There are two reasons to invest money in digital – customization and real-time communication.

By being able to customize a message depending on specific circumstances, you can really focus on on your specific audience. For example, if you are welcoming new medical students into your hospital, you can provide motivational and educational messages on the boards throughout the waiting rooms and other areas of the hospital where the medical students will be. If you’re targeting new patients, you can promote specific doctors and procedures your hospital provides on signs in waiting rooms.

Digital billboards and signage can be changed out quickly. Having fresh content on your hospital walls will grab your audience’s attention – especially for people who visit a facility regularly. Attention spans are limited, especially in a hospital where people are likely to have a lot on their mind. Providing real-time communication on, for example, an upcoming wellness event will more likely attract far more attention than an advertisement that hasn’t been changed in months.

Digital communication is still in its infancy, and some traditional marketers will need some time to adapt. But soon it will become a necessity in getting noticed. Do you have LED signage and boards in your medical center? If so, where are they located, how often are they changed and what type of messaging do you put on them?