The power of pastelitos

Measuring the value of great customer service in pastelitos.

Every month or so, Lorenzo visits our downtown Miami office, large white box in hand. Word of his arrival spreads quickly—Wax folks detach their iPods, leave their cubicles and eagerly cluster in the kitchen. Someone makes sure there’s high-octane Cuban coffee on hand. The white box is opened to reveal its treasured contents: flaky pastelitos, sugar-sprinkled pastries filled with sticky guava paste. Within minutes, the box contains nothing more than tender shards of pale flakes of crust.

Lorenzo Cosio is from National Communications, one of our printing vendors. When he doesn’t come bearing food, he stops by to share news about a printing innovation that might be useful for one of our clients, or discuss how best to handle a complicated printing job. His expertise is as well received as his hospitality. When we have a printing question—or need a job quote—you can be sure Lorenzo’s on our list to contact.

The moral of the story? Never underestimate the value of face-to-face customer service—whether edible or otherwise. It’s even more powerful than Cuban coffee.

—Julian Orbon

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