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There’s always room for e-marketing improvement

rate-cardIf you’re trying to become a slimmer, healthier you in the welcome months of 2010, a nytimes.com post shows off a couple of gadgets that can track your daily activity to help you meet your fitness goals. You can plug either into a USB drive and see, in some cases, what you did and how long you did it. Armed with that information, you can challenge yourself to do a little more every day.

In what may arguably be a case of the chicken or the egg, these gadgets attempt to do the same thing your site’s analytics tool has been doing. If year after year you go through the same routine with your e-efforts and keep getting the same results in your numbers, it’s time for a new game plan. Light a fire under what has been working and dedicate resources to developing what has the potential to work with some nurturing.

I spoke with someone recently who told me that out of the 20 people he contacted regarding guaranteed financial assistance, only two people responded. Mind you, this was for free money. I suggested splitting his list, using a couple of different subject lines and going offline with text messages to support the e-mails.

Your e-marketing resolution for 2010 shouldn’t be to keep in step with the same old, same old. Step things up until you see measurable improvements.

− Natasha Dorsainvil