Tips to Create Unique Social Media Content for Your Hospital

So your healthcare facility has all its social media accounts set up, optimized with descriptions, office hours and custom graphics created. Now what? It’s all about creating content that is truly unique.

Creating content isn’t always easy. In addition, with HIPAA laws you have to be very careful on what you post. Here are a few suggestions that can make your content rewarding and engaging to your followers:

  • Keep a themed schedule. For example, Motivation Monday or Trivia Tuesday. This will make it easy for your marketing team to create content for a specific day.
  • Be educational. People are following you for health-related information. Why not provide them with healthy tips that are related to health such as exercise, nutrition and check-up reminders.
  • Make the best of photos and video testimonials. People are visual. If you can show them a photo or short video of a happy patient, your followers are sure to like, comment, retweet, +1 and share it.  All good things in the world of social media!

Social media content isn’t meant to be very sophisticated or complicated. The simpler and unique the content is, the better. For a detailed strategy on how to create great content for your hospital’s social media sites, contact Wax Custom Communications at 305-350-5700 or visit