To Blog or Not to Blog?

Corporate blogs are rapidly becoming the new faces of business. But, unfortunately, they don’t get the respect that they deserve.

Blogs, when used effectively, can play a powerful role in your company’s public relations and marketing strategy. Still, blogs may be the most overlooked tool in social marketing.  According to eMarketer, only 43 percent of U.S. companies will be using corporate blogs specifically for marketing purposes this year. 

While a blog can’t replace a company’s website, it can certainly complement it. A website is used for news and information. A blog is a less formal platform that gives your company a chance to really show its personality.

If you are wondering whether your company needs a blog even if you already have a Facebook page or Twitter account, the answer is yes! Anyone familiar with Facebook and Twitter knows that the main drawbacks with these sites are the lack of space and limited design flexibility.

The upside of Facebook and Twitter is that they do have huge followings, something your company blog likely does not have yet. The solution? Use Facebook and Twitter for short teaser stories that include web links to bring traffic back to your blog. And every time a new article is posted on your blog, make sure to announce it on your Facebook and Twitter sites. That’s a coordinated social marketing strategy that is sure to get your company noticed and respected.

Here are a few quick tips to make your corporate blog a hit on the blogosphere:

Keep it conversational – avoid corporate language if you can.

  • Make frequent updates – at least once a day if possible.
  • Know your audience – blog about topics that your audience will find interesting.
  • Make it interactive – encourage feedback and comments.
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